Capitalism may be the Savior of Vaping Companies


The American regulation apparatus has been out to kill vaping. Many claim big tobacco or similar nefarious actors have used huge cash donations to create a flurry of scientific and legal challenges, most without merit, against e juice and e-pen manufacturers. Regulation requirements have done the most damage, and although they have not halted the growth of the industry in general, they have forced hundreds of smaller companies out of existence. In response to this, the market demanded a solution. In stepped GegaHelix. GegaHelix is a piece of compliance software that has streamlined the reporting and analysis process – making it much much cheaper for companies to comply with the overbearing load of regulations.

GegaHelix plans to reduce compliance costs by up to 50%. This can be an absolute game changer for hundreds of smaller providers of e juices and their associated products. The founders of the company claim noble intentions and their actions seem to back this up. They have kept costs low when similar technology is usually on available to large businesses. So they are undercutting two poor market players at once. Capitalism still has some fight left in it, it seems. It will be interesting to see where the e juice and vaping opponents try to go next – since we know, they won’t let a small hiccup like this stop them.

While GegaHelix does not solve the root of the problem, wealthy competitors willing to bend compliant regulators to their whims, it does throw some ammunition to those fighting the good fight for vaping. Any new regulation will have to be incredibly clever to cut out the businesses they had intended to before – and regulators risk overstepping their bounds and making their bias visible while doing so.

If you are a business currently struggling to deal with these laws, I highly suggest you look into this newly available technology.